Real Mom Reviews: Fobbles – When Fog And Bubbles Combine

kids playing with fobbles

My love for bubbles started when I was very, very young. I can remember my grandmother filling a small kiddie pool with homemade bubble solution and using different things we found around the house to make bubbles. My favorite was the 6-ring plastic piece that held soda together.  I’ve made sure that my love for bubbles has been passed down to my children, they all love playing with bubbles!

This summer, we are upping our bubble game thanks to the Fobbles Machine!
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Froggy’s Fog, a leading manufacturer of fog, haze, smoke, snow and bubble fluids and equipment recently announced the introduction of Fobbles, a completely unique, patent-pending machine that makes bubbles, fog, haze and fog-filled bubbles, all at the touch of your fingertips.

Fobbles are now available on Amazon!

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