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Bubbles or Fog Will Add Extra Fun To Your Party!

Adding bubbles or other special effects to an event, whether its a birthday party or a backyard BBQ, is always so much fun! This time of year, my family and I spend a lot of time outdoors. The kids like to play in the sun until it goes down, and we like to have our friends and family over for get-together’s regularly. This means there is some entertainment needed for the kids, and even the adults. But there’s no need to rent fancy equipment or hire someone to help you entertain.

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Fobbles introduces a new professional grade machine that can do bubbles, fog, haze, or fog bubbles! Anyone with children knows that bubbles alone can provide hours of entertainment for children. Chasing the bubbles and trying to pop or catch them is so much fun to a child! Add haze, fog and even fog bubbles to the mix is bound to make any get-together that much better!

Fobbles are now available on Amazon!

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