Kelly’s Thoughts on Things: Fobbles—Bring Some Incredible Special Effects to Your Next Big Event!

Think about everything you see at amusement parks and concerts, like the special effects. Imagine being able to have that at an event, celebration, or party you planned! Well, you’ll be happy to know that there is a way for you to do just that. You just have to turn to none other than Froggy’s Fog.
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Froggy’s Fog is a company that provides the special effect machines/systems to Broadway shows, concerts, and amusement parks! Now, I’m happy to inform you that they will soon be offering an at-home product to consumers called Fobbles.

Now, Fobbles is an all-new 4-in-1 home unit that provides not just bubbles but fog, haze, and fog-filled bubbles as well! This lightweight machine will be designed to be compact and easy to operate. Plus, it will deliver water-based, non-toxic (pharmaceutical-grade) fog, haze, bubbles, and fog-filled bubbles. The great aspect of having this will be great for use all year round! So, you’ll be able to keep all your future celebration jumping at all times! Froggy’s Fog is going to have everyone happy once this hits the market. Fobbles are now available on Amazon!

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