Funnest Bubbles on the Block: Fobbles

fobbles fog filled bubbles

We are known for having some of the coolest gadgets on the block.  We just had Madison’s graduation party this last weekend, and we decided to pull out our Fobbles machine to the delight of all the kids!  What’s a Fobbles machine you ask? Only the coolest bubble machine on the market!

get in on the fun(d)

Bubbles and other special effects always add to the fun and excitement of a party or family event – kids love it!  Froggy’s Fog, a company that provides the special effect machines/systems to Broadway shows, concerts and amusement parks, is now offering an at-home product to consumers called Fobbles, a new 4 in 1 home unit that provides not only bubbles but fog, haze and fog-filled bubbles.  The machine is super lightweight, and surprisingly easy to use!

Fobbles are now available on Indiegogo!

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