Deliciously Savvy’s Review: Mega Family Fun Made Easy With The Fobbles Portable Fog & Bubble Machine!

I am always looking for super cool things for family parties and more and am super excited to share the Fobbles Portable Fog & Bubble Machine! This unit is so very cool and will be a fabulous addition to birthday parties, outdoor gatherings, family reunions, school dances, weddings, block parties, concerts, Halloween and more. The possibilities are endless with this super cool portable fog, bubble, haze and fog bubble machine.
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You can do any of those options, and let me tell you that the fog bubbles (Fobbles) are amazingly cool! I never knew that they existed and they are an amazing effect for sure. Think of all the fun gatherings that you can make much better with this fun unit that will provide hours of endless fun for kids of all ages…. young and old alike.

Fobbles are now available on Amazon!

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