Kelly’s Thoughts on Things: Fobbles—Bring Some Incredible Special Effects to Your Next Big Event!

Think about everything you see at amusement parks and concerts, like the special effects. Imagine being able to have that at an event, celebration, or party you planned! Well, you’ll be happy to know that there is a way for you to do just that. You just have to turn to none other than Froggy’s […]

Queen of Reviews: Fobbles – Fog Filled Bubbles

Fobbles at prom

Froggy’s Fog is a national category leader in fog, haze, snow and bubble fluids and the machines that disperse them. Before Froggy’s Fog was started, company cofounder Chris Markgraf noticed the employees and children complaining of an odor and dry eyes after being in fog products used at the Family Entertainment Center he owned and […]

Deliciously Savvy’s Review: Mega Family Fun Made Easy With The Fobbles Portable Fog & Bubble Machine!

I am always looking for super cool things for family parties and more and am super excited to share the Fobbles Portable Fog & Bubble Machine! This unit is so very cool and will be a fabulous addition to birthday parties, outdoor gatherings, family reunions, school dances, weddings, block parties, concerts, Halloween and more. The […]

New Age Mama’s Review: Fobbles – Fog-Filled Bubbles (Fobbles) for Cool Party Fun!

Bubbles have always been a fun experience in my family. As far back as I remember, there have always been bubbles at family gatherings, parties and picnics. I love the bubble machines that make it easy to have a wall of bubble action – no big breaths needed! Froggy’s Fog is bringing a new innovative […]

Best Debuting Product: Special Effects

Live Design International:  Froggy’s Fog was honored in “Best Debuting Product: Special Effects” Category In November of 2017, in front of Las Vegas Convention Center at the Live Design International (LDI) Show, Froggy’s Fog was honored with runner-up status (Honorable Mention) in the “Best Debuting Product: Special Effects” category. This was for its Fobbles invention, […]

Debut of New Fog-Bubble Machine


Only 4-in-1 Machine That Makes Haze, Bubbles, Fog and Fog-Bubbles (“Fobbles”) Froggy’s Fog, a leading manufacturer of fog, haze, smoke, snow and bubble fluids and equipment announces the introduction of Fobbles, a completely unique, patent-pending machine that makes bubbles, fog, haze and fog-filled bubbles, all at the touch of your fingertips. Fobbles are environmentally safe, […]